Consume Art. Create Art. Repeat.

December 2, 2016

My own personal motto. As long as my way of life allows the gentle weaving cycle of consuming and creating art, then I’m living my dream.

Then I’m blessed.

This is how I measure my success as an author. There are no expectations outside of this, because then I get into territory I can’t control: best-seller lists, a contract (or more!) every year until I’m dead, a starred review, a world-wide tour, the list goes on. None of that matters as long as I’m living my dream.

And this is it. I’m living it.

I have the ability to carve out time each day to read fiction, non-fiction, poetry. I take in art shows and concerts. Revel in new albums by my favorite musicians. Get inspired by other makers and local artisans. Watch a new film by one of my favorite directors.

And after I consume the transcending work of others, I carve out time to create my own. I write down the stories in my head, make new creations with my bare hands, photograph the world around me, paint and draw, and make music.

To experience that much art on a daily basis? To be able to create my own? That is my ultimate goal.

Anything more is icing on an already delicious cake.

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