A Foster Mother’s Day

May 14, 2017

I answered the phone and said yes, I have a home for this child.
I rearranged my schedule overnight, my priorities, my needs and wants, and said yes, I have room in my life for this child.
I spent two years proving my motherhood to a statewide team of experts, saying yes, I’m the right mom for this child.
It was the audition of a lifetime, and I got the part. In the end, I got it.

So even though it’s a daily ritual of mine to beat myself up for all the ways I fall short, today I will take a much deserved break. I will reflect on the best decision I ever made. All the times I said yes to this precious life sleeping beside me.

Yes, you have a home.
Yes, you are part of the family.
Yes, I am your mother.
Yes, you are loved.
Yes, you are wanted.
Yes, you can have chocolate before bed.
Yes, yes, yes.


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