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Update: Writing Progress

July 1, 2017

Many of you have been asking about my writing progress.

1. Are you working on anything new?
2. When is the 3rd book in the Alex Wayfare series coming out?

1. Yes and no
2. I’m not sure

Here’s the thing.

My progress has always been slow. I’m not a fast writer. I’m rarely satisfied with my work and I hate tossing pages out, so I only write when I know I’m writing something I’ll keep. I do a lot of “writing” and “rewriting” in my head. So in a way, I’m always writing, just not at the keyboard. I think this is why I never got into drawing. Or writing by hand. I hate seeing the erasure marks. The evidence of my failed attempts. So I keep the failed attempts as ghosts in my mind. Maybe this is perfectionism? Maybe it’s just how I use and organize my brain. Whatever you want to call it, it’s my process. And it takes me years to unravel a book.


Also, up until recently, I used writing as a coping mechanism for severe depression and anxiety. I’ve done it my entire life, stealing away to imaginary places, stepping into a fictional character’s life, following them around for a while. It was cathartic. But now I find I don’t need that escape as much as before. I’m OK with the life in front of me. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I don’t have the urge to steal away. Which is *awesome,* in some respects, but not so awesome because I have written less this year than I ever have. So now I have to learn how to write for completely different reasons. Like writing for my readers instead of just myself. Like writing for a living, so I can put food on the table. Like writing as a means of expression, because now there is an audience where there wasn’t before, people to read my words, hear my message.

Those are all great reasons, and they each push me forward in different ways, but I’m not used to writing for them. I’m learning. (Quite a lot these days.) I’m not that kind of writer yet. The career writer. The word count goal seeker. The contract hunter. I still write for my own emotional gain, and right now, my cup is pretty damn full.


I am working on three separate books at the moment, so things are flowing. The muse is alive and well. So never fear. ALEX will be back in your lives soon, as well as some new characters. Hopefully.

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