Cheers: To the Entrepreneurs

December 14, 2017

We are currently celebrating our first Christmas at the little house down in the valley. We couldn’t be happier here, having our own quiet space to spread out. For most of our marriage, my husband and I lived above our storefront in a one bedroom loft on a busy Main Street. We had people living above us, people living on either side of us, and customers coming in all day long below us. It was loud, hectic, and the work hours were 24/7. We lived frugally as most business owners do, keeping anything extra in the bank so the business could flourish. Because of this, we weathered the recession storm and are still going strong. So strong that we started yet another business and are hiring more folks to handle all the work we’re blessed to have.

It’s weird. We were super young when we started out, and hardly anyone we knew ran their own business. Now it seems everyone is an entrepreneur. Everyone works from home. Everyone is doing their dream, being badass at whatever it is they’re badass at. And I love it. There are more people who can relate to our struggles and stresses now than ever before. Before, young folks, our peers mostly, thought it was weird when they heard we ran a company. It was almost like a polarizing thing – we didn’t fit in to our generation, being entrepreneurs. Now they say, “Oh yeah, me too.” Interesting how things change after just a quick decade…

Here’s to the entrepreneurs! May 2018 kick major butt.

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