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Fifty-six lifetimes to explore…

When seventeen-year-old Alex Wayfare discovers she’s a Descender—capable of traveling back in time to her reincarnated pasts —she becomes addicted to exploring her past lives, especially when the same blue-eyed boy keeps showing up in each one. But the more Alex descends, the more it becomes apparent that someone doesn’t want her to travel again. Ever. And will stop at nothing to make her current life her last.

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Time travel, adventure, and romance come together in the highly anticipated sequel to THE 57 LIVES OF ALEX WAYFARE.

Alex Wayfare is back in Base Life. Her 57th life. She’s in Chicago searching for Blue, who travels with her whenever she goes back in time. She’s never met him in Base Life, but she’s hoping he’ll remember her in the present, and that he’ll want to be with her like he does in the past…

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